Adventure is out there!

I found a journal entry of mine from a year or so ago. It reads: “I have a good life, two good jobs, great family and a wonderful apartment. And I still want more. Something different. Something great. Something better. I long for more. Why is that? I am I not good enough? Why is it everything I want is just out of reach? Why is it that there isn’t adventure in just every day life? That must be false. There must be more.”

I have spent many years asking those questions and making those statements. I have spent the last year or so figuring out one very important thing. There is adventure in every day life.

I still long for more a lot of days. I still feel so many things are just out of my reach. But the knowledge that adventure is out there makes the day a bit better. I know it seems very Breakfast at Tiffani’s at first but it is very realistic and very life altering. This is the first of many blogs to cultivate and act on one idea: There is adventure in every day life – and we should always strive to find it.


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