There was a study done about happiness not too long ago and super smart scientists apparently discovered that our happiness level is directly tied to our adventurous feelings. Now, I am not a super smart scientist person so I will not be making up facts that would be boring and, most likely, very false. Instead, I’ll just write this blog, which will hopefully be a lot less boring and not filled with falsehood.

When I look at my life I find this study to be true. When I’m happy, I’m willing to take a risk and go on a random road trip without a map and audition for a role I could never get. Why? It doesn’t really matter if I make a mistake or get lost or don’t get the part. I’ll still be happy and I’ll be able to say, “Well, at least I tried!” Whereas if I’m not happy, I don’t want to risk anything, or take a random trip (map or no map) or audition for a role that I could never get. Why? Because my heart could not bear to make another mistake, or get lost or get told that I wasn’t good enough for a part. With this in mind I asked myself what keeps me from being happy. Sometimes I’m too busy to do the things that I consider to be a key part of me. For example I like to go on drives and hikes and I like to read and swim (not at the same time – it proves disastrous for the literature) and other little things that are just me. When I am too busy to be me I notice me feeling a lot less happy and a lot more antsy.

The next time you realize your drive for adventure is gone, take a look at your life and see why that may be. Maybe you need to be a bit more of you before you can be happy. And, you know what those super smart scientists say, if you’re happy, you’re adventurous!


2 thoughts on “Happiness=Adventure.

  1. Lily says:

    Very good post Danielle. And very true! Ya got me thinking toots, I think my sense of adventure is under a pile of super smart scientist type journal articles right now, I’ll let you know when I surface. =>

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