Begin again – again.

By this time in the year there are patterns that we have, no doubt, fallen into. New Year’s resolution has resolved to reappear in January and life simply goes on the same way – every single day. Some of the patterns are good, like waking up and working out (which is something I should do). Sometimes there are the patterns of uncontrollable bad things happening. The old saying “when it rains it pours” always ends up ringing true – especially around this time of the year. We’ve officially hit the August slump. What’s the best thing to do?

Begin again – again. Since I was 11 I’ve celebrated my own little holiday of “New Beginning Day.” On the first day of each month I would write down the bad things that happened in the past month and throw the paper away. I would then write down the good things that had happened in the past month inside my journal. By doing this I would take everything that had bothered me or embarrassed me and decided to forget them and to remember the good. I would begin again – again.

Beginning again for everyone looks different. For me, I write it out. Maybe that’s something you should do too. Or maybe you should plant a new plant and watch it grow, or start a new exercise routine, or try a new coffee! Beginning again doesn’t have to be major things. It’s just something to spruce up the August slump and maybe spice up the old routine. Begin again – again and see to what adventure it may lead.


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