Accept Reality.

Photo by Jon Sims

“Reality is like a fine wine, it will not appeal to children.”   – Donald Miller

In times of success, we are happy. In times of failure, we are gloomy. As humans, this is how we naturally respond. Life is moving everyday. Up and down and all around – it never stops. This is a beautiful thing about life. This is a beautiful thing about us. We are moving everyday. Up and down and all around – we never stop. That is what makes every day adventurous. That can also be what hinders us from happiness.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be happy all the time? Wouldn’t it be great to hit a large streak of  luck? Certainly more appealing than a large streak of bad luck. Life is filled with both.

Reality says life is not always happy. That isn’t a fun reality but it does need to be accepted. To not accept reality is to be a child to your emotions. If you are a child to your emotions, you cannot master or control them.

I am a fairly emotional person. I can cry in the middle of an action movie (and have before on numerous occasions). I can get angry listening to a lecture from a professor merely stating his opinion (and have before on numerous occasions). I over react and usually assume the worst. These are, quite possibly, some of my worst qualities. I’m learning that in doing these things, I allow my emotions to rule over reality.

When emotions rule over reality we are trapped to merely be what situations allow us to be. When reality keeps our emotions in check we are able to observe the situations of life and be what we choose. Do not let circumstances have too much power over you and your emotions.

 I am not saying that sadness or disappointed should be ignored. If you are sad, be so. If you are happy, be so. In being so, however, become a observoer of the emotions that are subject to change not a child to them. Know that even when life is unfair, even when you are sad, you still master your emotions. Remember that even if the current reality is gloomy, life is always moving – it will be happy again.


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