Do what you like.

  “Do what you like and don’t care what other’s think.” –  Tina Fey

 I recently bought Tina Fey’s book “Bossypants.” This book is possibly the funniest thing I have ever read and definitely a must-read for all people. I’m fairly sure there was no real purpose except to make people laugh (Tina Fey, forgive me if  I am wrong – and yes, she does read my blog). But in the humorous, and otherwise pointless book, she said a few key things that made me think.

 A few of those quotes pertained to theatre and entertainment (which was more personal for me considering what I plan to do). This one made me feel more normal,”Things most people do naturally are often inexplicably difficult for me.” This one made me laugh and made me feel more normal, “It’s a burden, being able to control situations with my hyper-vigilance, but it’s my lot in life.” And this blog made me realize I spend a lot of time not feeling normal. I’ve gotten off track.

Back to the point of this.

Today’s official quote was my favorite. It’s a simple concept but I think the best things are overlooked because they are so simple. It is easy to get caught up in people’s opinions or views of you. It is nice to be liked. It is nice to be praised. It is refreshing to hear your ideas are good and needed. But it’s not worth compromising who you are. In the book she tells a story about one of her fellow SNLers who told a joke in the break room and someone said that it was too crude and he didn’t like. This sassy SNLer replied, ” I don’t care if you like it.” His opinion was not her concern. Her concern was that she was doing what she wanted to do, whether he liked it or not. She didn’t come to SNL to please him and she would not start now.

It’s humorous but a good concept. Be true to who you are. Do what you like to do and don’t care what others think. You didn’t come into this job to please that person at your work who always seems to dislike you no matter what. You didn’t come to school to get the approval of that one teacher who will always think you’re weird. You came for you – why start changing that now for someone else?  The most adventurous times in our lives will be when we are boldly ourselves and don’t care if others like it. 

Also…special thanks to my dear friend Kelli for not only introducing me to this book but also being such a great inspiration for me to be me and not care what others think.


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