Be You.

 “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t    mind.” – Dr. Seuss

I know I seem quite fantastic on this blog* but in real life I’m a little more “ick” than I am “fantastic[k].” I wish I were more well liked. I wished I had better status in the world around me. I wish that people cared to get to know me well enough to see past the fact that at my very core I am an obnoxious, stern, OCD, slightly crazy  person. Maybe then they would see, no matter how obnoxious, I’m at least a caring person*.

I was recently reminded of  the fact that even though I don’t have flocks of friends I do have very dear friends. Friends that deal with all the unpleasant for the moments of the pleasant. I have friends who bring out the pleasant in me. I have friends who would defend the pleasant. Around those friends  I can be me. I can break down crying over something extremely petty or crack up laughing over something not funny and I will still be loved. I can be who I am and say how I feel because they matter to me and they certainly don’t mind.

There will always be those who tell you how to be or convince you to conform to what society says is best to succeed. Don’t do it. Be you. No matter how much you wish people would like you better, never compromise you. Ignore those who say you’re too strange or different. You make the world around you beautiful. You make every second adventurous. Never fear being yourself or saying what you want to say. Somewhere out there you have very dear friends who are depending on you being you – there is a whole world out there that depends on it too.

*May or may not be true.


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