“Words are, in my not so humble opinion, the most inexhaustible source of magic; capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.” – Albus Dumbledore; Deathly Hallows Part 2

Photo by Jon Sims

I realize that this quote wasn’t written by the grand J.K. Rowling but as I watched the movie last night I kept thinking how true it is. Words are such a funny thing. We can express a range of emotions, thoughts or ideas. We can create English sentences or French sentences. We can express good thoughts or bad thoughts. There is no limit to what can be said.

Most often we speak when we have something to say (I know that statement deserves a “no joke” response). Sometimes we want to inform people of something or make them smile. Rarely do happy, healthy people say things to hurt others. I think we all have experienced being hurt by words. I know I have hurt others by my own words as well. If emotions are running high or overwhelming it’s hard to control our words. We all have power over someone. Someone has power over each of us. There are people who I can hurt by careless (or carefully planned out) words. There are people who can do the same to me.

Sometimes, people say hurtful things because they themselves have been hurt. They had someone who had wronged them and  so they wrong others. They do not realize that they are just that, wrong. When people use their magic to harm you, take it with a grain of salt (if I may borrow the phrase). You never know what has affected them to respond that way. After someone has hurt you with their magic, you have to decide how you will respond.

One definition of magic is the power of influencing the course of events by using mysterious forces. You have the power to influence the course of events in your life and in the lives others but only what you say. You have the power to inflict injury or remedy it – use it wisely.


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