Find you.

“We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there,too.” – Kristin Martz

 One of my favorite movies is Sabrina. It’s also one of the rare films that I actually like the remake  better than the original. In the movie Sabrina is told by her boss that she doesn’t need to be ashamed of loneliness. Her boss states that she too came to Paris lonely, far from home, and unsure of who she was.She said she would walk for hours and write non-sense in a journal but one day it wasn’t non-sense. She stated that she found herself walking along those roads and writing in that journal.

Think about your life. How often are you ashamed by your loneliness? Or by the fact you don’t have it all together?  Think about who you love and things you love to do? What separates your day to day living from the things that make you come alive? Our complicated lives become simple very quickly when we consider what we truly love.

I become pretty bogged down by day to day life. I think we all do. I worry about the future. I veiw the past with remorse. I’m actually a fairly anxious person and I focus on the perfection of the day to day things rather than the beauty of life itself. I forget why I am who I am, sometimes. I forget what made me that way. I forget what I love to do. I focus on the people I’ve lost so much that sometimes I don’t take time to let those still in my life know that I care for them so dearly. I lose myself so easily in my busy life but I don’t ever find myself there.

Recently I took time to let my heart be free and be immersed myself in what I love. I walked around the city, I wrote non-sense in a journal. I stopped focusing on my busy life. I found myself again  but only after I lost myself in what makes me come alive.

Whatever makes you come alive, do it. If you need to go on a bike ride, or paint a brilliant mural, or call your friends and family around you to find yourself again, do it. Lose yourself in what you love, it’s there you will truly find yourself.

I hope after walking for hours you run into who you are and after writing non-sense you make sense of it all. I hope you surface from your busy life so that you can drown in what you love, and,in doing so, you find who you are and what makes you come alive.


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