“Sometimes life goes its own way and drags you along.” – Jerry Spinelli, Love, Stargirl


The first time I saw the movie Uptown Girls I remember thinking that it was such a terribly, unnecessarily sad story. After a while it intrigued me. Even longer and I loved loved the movie. Then somewhere along the way I began to see my story within it. Not in the actual details but in the emotions and the spirit and the hurt and longing of it. Ray is a little girl with dying dad. Molly is a grown girl who’s never recovered from her dad dying. They are both hurt. They are both longing for something. “Every ending is a new beginning,” they said, throughout the movie. Even though they said it, they didn’t really mean it. They each had things they were holding onto. Even though there had been an ending, there had not been a new beginning. Molly tells of the time she went to Coney Island after her parents died and she sat in the tea cup ride and spun herself sick. She said, “I was too scared to stay on but I didn’t dare get off.”Eventually at the climax of the movie, Ray and Molly sit in the tea cup ride at Coney Island and spin and spin and spin. Molly apologizes and says, again, “My life is a tea cup ride and I’m too scared to stay on but I don’t dare get off.”

I can relate to that. I think everyone can. I think at some point we all chose to get on a ride and then become scared to get off or stay on. I think at some point we have all needed to let go and find a new beginning but we were too scared to see what happened if we did. We spend a great deal of our lives planning on how to make it better. Some try to better it for others, like their children, while others try for themselves, or for the good of all. We all plan. We all strive. We all go about our day hoping to impact something, hoping to help change our stars, and hoping to find hope along the way that everything will be okay.

Eventually life takes over, at least for a little while. Life takes off and leads off our rides. Life leads us to unemployment, to new places, to old spaces. Sometimes life leads us to sad times or joyful. But it will, at some point, take us to where we never planned to be. Eventually life will go its own way and drag us along. When it does, don’t be too scared to get off the ride and follow. Ever ending is a new beginning if you allow life to drag you along.


One thought on “Along.

  1. Jana says:

    Beautiful. It does get scary and it’s difficult to be brave. New beginnings probably frighten and excite everyone. At least new beginnings, although painful at times, are possible.

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