Life Lesson.

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” – Mary Oliver

 An important key to living is learning. I have officially moved out to Seattle. Being out here has allowed me to learn quite a lot, therefore I have been living quite a lot. I have been out here for less than a week and I already have a few lessons under belt. I hope these are lessons you can laugh at, learn from, and enjoy reading about.

1. Always carry a bag with you

If you plan to go for a walk and think you may find something along the way that you love, want or need then you better be prepared. Plastic bags are the bad guy in the town and you won’t find them anywhere. You will also have to pay for any bags that the store will give you. Save yourself a nickel and BYOB (bring your own bag).

2. Never buy gas in town

Not that this comes as a surprise but Seattle is expensive. Go out side town to buy gas. It saves you money.

3. Learn to be lonely

If you find yourself lonely in a city busting with people, then be lonely. Explore what that means to you and for you. Find out about yourself in those times and figure out how to use those moments to better yourself.

4. Expect the best, prepare for the worst

Living in a city filled with people is a very overwhelming place. There are so many people and so many job opportunities that it’s hard to find good friends and promising jobs. Expect to find the best in every situation but be prepared to deal with the worst. Let nothing take you off-guard, good or bad. Be ready to handle the situation with full faith that eventually all will be well.

5. Bring walking shoes

Wherever you live, work, play, or eat expect to walk there. Even if you have a car you have to remember that parking is expensive and hard to find.

6. Prepare to be surprised

Life happens fast, wherever you live. Expect the unexpected and look forward to the unknown. When everything is open, anything can happen. Get ready to be surprised and be astonished by it. Life really is one big lesson.


2 thoughts on “Life Lesson.

  1. Reid says:

    I can’t lie. I busted out in song with your 6th lesson,To Be Surprised by Sondre Lerche. Good stuff!

    I really liked your 3rd lesson of Learn to be Lonely. It so true! I learned allot about myself in lonely times.

  2. Karen says:

    So many lessons already learned. So many still to go! Your positive attitude and determination and spirit will get you through.

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