Be Content.

“Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.” – Henry David Thoreau

  Thoreau is probably one of my favorite authors. I love him because in his writings he is honest and he is pleased to live within the moment. He “resigns himself to each season” and at the end of the day he finds himself content. I often wonder if he is so content because he spent a long time not being content. I think to fully understand something you must also understand the opposite (maybe that’s just me, but I’m content with that). I wonder if young Thoreau wasted his day dreaming of how his life could be better. I like to think that he did because I would like to think I’m not alone in that.

It is hard, especially when life is hard, to look around and be content. It is easy to dream of what would make your life perfect. If I could just get a better job (or a job in my case right now); or if I could lose some weight; or if my family would just stop fighting; or if I could buy a better car; then life would be worth living. Sometimes it feels that way. What’s amazing to me is that in those times, life is wasting away.

If you want to be happy, you must be content. Life will not always be on grandeur side of things. Sometimes it’s just rotten. But if you accept that “rottenness” and move on from that, it’s amazing how much happier you will be. Dreaming about better days will not make today any better. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t hope for the future or remember your past.  You should revel in those memories and take pride in those dreams. You should also see where you are now and how you can keep living from there.

I have recently struggled with being content. We all do. Seasons of life are not always fun. Sometimes you’re not even sure what season you’re in which can make you feel much more like you’re nowhere than anyone ever wants to feel. However,  understanding that you are in a season can help you to be content in that season because it reminds you that it is just a season.

Be content, wherever you are. Happiness will always find you, if you’re adventurous enough to let it.

Also, next week my dear friend Dalayna will be guest blogging so be sure to check it out. And if you want to read my guest blog for her then click here.

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6 thoughts on “Be Content.

  1. makeacrane says:

    Nice quote! You can get Walden by Thoreau free online through Google Books :) It’s interesting, the word content… it seems like one of those words that is good but then perhaps life should have more than contentment, but joy, which sounds like a more active word…a word that expresses more engagement with life. Just a thought! Nice and thoughtful post!

  2. nicholl says:

    found you thorugh your guest post-love dr. seuss!!!!

    come say hi at, happy Wednesday!

  3. Neil Gadihoke says:

    Well said. Contentement is a state of the mind. Human beings have the natural instinct for MORE MORE. And then when that MORE arrives, it is invariably locked up in a bank account, real estate , in wardrobes, in garages ….. and not enjoyed, simply because the need for the next MORE has already been created in our minds. Thus, mind has to be mastered or else the quest continues till our graves………

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