“It is nice… to be a kid for a while. Exploring with old friends, never knowing what wonder or terror may await around the corner. And isn’t that why we explore and also why we read and watch sports and browse Tumblr and study astrophysics? …I think we’re after the terrifying, awesome, otherworldly feeling of not knowing what lies in wait.” – John Green

Do you remember being a kid and exploring every chance you had? I remember my childhood best friend and I making the long journey down to the rail road tracks (about 5 yards past her back yard). We pretended like we were the Boxcar Kids and eventually started to scare ourselves by dreaming up the dangers that awaited. Right as we were about to cross a dangerous, roaring river (a small creek that was easily stepped over by ten year-olds) we heard a noise behind us and turned to see the scariest, pet goat you’ve ever seen in your life. We broke into a run and barely escaped the beast. Okay, it was just a pet goat that her neighbor had who was actually quite friendly. In our minds, however, we had just narrowly escaped an attack and made it safely to railroad tracks. Or as close to the railroad tracks as were allowed to go. What an adventure!

I was re-watching some of my favorite YouTube videos today and of course a VlogBrothers video was included (I am a nerdfighter, after all). In this video John Green and his friends were searching an old, abandoned hospital. He gave several thoughts from the place but most importantly he stated the importance of being with friends and the excitement that is in never knowing what’s around the corner.

I think as we grow older our sense of mystery decreases. We stop enjoying the terrifying wonder of the unknown and start to simply worry about the terror of the unknown. We read books and watch sports and let other people live out our desire for mystery without allowing it to come too close to our actual lives. I understand why. I do it too. Most days, I miss the desire for mystery. Other days I dread that mysteries exist. And even less days, I am pleased to have that terrifying, awesome, otherworldly feeling of not knowing what lies in wait.

O.R. Melling writes, “The best part [of life] is you never know what’s going to happen next.” 

No matter what worries encompass your sense of mystery in the moment remember that it is nice to be a kid for a while, never knowing what wonder or terror may await you around the corner.


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