“There are far, far greater things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C. S. Lewis

 The world around us is a beautiful sight if we stop to look. I walk to work every day now that I live in a        walkable city. There are flowers and trees and old buildings – such beautiful things – on my way. I usually don’t pay attention. My mind is tied up dreaming of other things.

The life around us is a beautiful sight if we stop to look. I spend many moments of a day thinking of past good times and dreaming of future good times. I ignore the fact that life, in this very moment, is something that should not be wasted. My mind is tied up dreaming of other things.

Why is it that I live in such a way? I believe that I am afraid. I am afraid to accept today for today because yesterday was good, and I do not know about this whole “tomorrow” thing. I am afraid to start over in this Emerald City for fear it will not love me as much as past cities have. I am afraid to look for adventure today because the adventures of yesterday were almost perfect and might not live up those memories. I fear that the future will turn out to be a terrible mess that I’ve worked so hard to bring about.

Fear will always be found where it is allowed to be. If you are worried that the best years of your life are behind you, then that fear will eat away at you. If you are nervous about the years to come, that fear will always be with you. Fear isn’t easy to shake off. You don’t just stop worrying about your finances. You don’t just stop wondering if you can fall in love again or how that compares to the love in your past. You don’t just wake up suddenly unafraid for the future. You can, however, wake up and choose to be happy that day. You can wake up and know that today should not be wasted. You can wake up and find the adventure in each and every moment.

When I read this quote by C.S. Lewis I felt such a peace within. Isn’t it a great hope to have? Not only does it remove the fear of  the tomorrows but it takes your mind off of the yesterdays. It allows you to breath in and breath out and know that today is a beautiful thing.


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