“The sun always shines above the clouds.” – Paul F. Davis

Cloud1. Copyright Danielle Elise 05.15I’m not much of a “take pictures while flying” person. I used to be when I was younger. I would annoy every passenger next to me because I was flying and that was amazing. Of course taking pictures on a plane used to be very obvious – wind up the disposable camera, click, flash, and repeat. Now it is much more simple, but still not common practice for me. Last weekend, though, it was too beautiful for me to not take a picture.

It had been storming in Nashville. It had been storming in Dallas. It had been storming in Tulsa. While leaving Dallas, I made it above the storm and the sun was there, peaking over the mountain of clouds. Soon the sun and the clouds were dancing in hues of pink and orange and it  took my breath away. I appreciated the storms below because it made for a spectacular show above.

I showed my parents the picture after landing safely in Tulsa. “It’s nice to know the sun is still there,” my dad said. I know he was talking about the actual sun because it had been raining for almost a month in Tulsa and all they have seen are grey skies. It made me think of the metaphorical sun too, though. It made me think of hope.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see that there is light above the darkness. Life is hard, and we are broken, and sometimes storms are all we see when we look around. I wonder what our storms look like from above. I wonder if hope and reality dance together, painting our futures with beautiful hues that will one day take our breath away. I choose to believe in that dance.  I choose to believe that adventure can be found in small, simple ways, even when we feel stuck. I choose to believe that the sun is still there.

I hope that your skies are clear. I hope that you know that storms will pass. I hope you know that there is life, even in the storms. I hope you know that the sun is still shining, still dancing, still believing in your tomorrow.



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