“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” –  Theodore Roosevelt

photo-3This has been an exciting week for me. I’ve submitted articles for possible publication. I’ve asked an author out to coffee. I’ve been adventurous and honest. I’ve failed and had fun. And it’s all been really hard.

It’s easy for me to write on my safe blog and say things about fear and failure, and starting again, and being brave and adventurous. It’s easy to write about and it sounds really good and poetic most days. It’s very hard to actually do.  Sometimes it’s easier for me to imagine moving across the country on a whim and a dream than staying planted and risk not growing where I am. Adventure sounds better when it means doing big things, but I have found that adventure often means doing small things.

I wanted submit a new piece to an organization that had already turned me down once before. I called a friend and asked her opinion on if she thought I should try again. Her response was simple: Be brave – again and again and again.

I submitted the article.

Another friend encouraged me to ask an author out to coffee to discuss writing and books. I wrestled with this idea for many reasons. I don’t like talking to people I don’t know. I don’t like being the first to extend an invitation. I don’t like being told no. I looked at her once more before introducing myself and she said simply : Be brave.

I asked the author out for coffee.

I’ve not heard back about my writing pitches. The author was very kind, and told me no. The only that made this week adventurous, was me deciding to be brave. Actually, it was my friends convincing me to be brave.

Bravery can be seen in many different ways. Sometimes  it is  a big move or a bold conversation. Sometimes it is standing up for someone or quietly telling someone you love them. Sometimes it is the decision to just keep trying, even in the face of discouragement and failure.   Bravery is always hard but always worth it.

I hope that you have a community around you that pushes you to reach out to the world around you. I hope that you are willing to find small adventures in courageous little moments. I hope that you remember to be brave – again and again and again.



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