“Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Green Lake I went kayaking yesterday. I’m paying for it pretty badly today with a blistering sunburn, but I think it was worth it still. When I kayak, I’m always reminded of the song “Just around the Riverbend” from Disney’s Pocahontas. There’s always the turns in the river and you don’t know what’s next – maybe it’s a rapid, maybe it’s calm water, maybe it opens up to a few new ways to travel the river. Whatever it may be it is exciting to find out what is there.

Life, however, is different for me when I come to my “river bends.” Anytime I can’t see what’s around the corner I tend to turn to worry instead of curiosity. Somehow I think that if I find  every possible way it could go wrong I will be prepared. Wouldn’t it be so much better to go into the turn with open curiosity, ready to see where I am lead? Ready to see what adventure lies ahead? I am trying, this week, to turn my kayaking adventure principles into real life adventure principles.

When I’m on the boat, I’m not afraid of drowning – I have a life jacket near by, I am a strong swimmer. I know that if I fall, I can get back up.

When I’m on the boat, I am in the moment – I’m not worried about the deadlines I may miss or if I got everything in order for the big meeting on Monday. I know that where I am deserves my full attention.

When I’m on the boat, I am curious – I’m not afraid of what’s ahead, or nervous of what will happen if I take a side channel. I know that everything will work out, usually better than I imagined.

It’s okay to fail and fall, just as long as you get back up. It’s okay to be fully focused on right now, worrying won’t stop or prepare you for bad things. It’s okay to be curious and surprised by life’s adventures – they are everywhere.

I hope you have time to do something that reminds you of the little adventure inside everyday. I hope you are able to live in the moment and not fear the river bends of life. I hope you know that curiosity leads to new paths – and that’s a good thing.




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