“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Yellowstone Life has been busy for me. While the past month has seemingly flown by, the days have slowly been dragged. Earlier this year I made a promise that  I would go to the beach this year. I have spent much time on the beautiful rocky beaches of the west coast but it has been years since I’ve seen the white sand of Florida. I asked friends to join. I played around with the idea of different cities and different activities. Until now it has been so far in the future that I hadn’t really started planning. But now, friends, I leave in twelve days (and counting). I am excited.

I believe that adventure can be found in every day life – I also believe that adventure will be found on fun road trips and laid back vacations – if you’re looking for it or not. I once was on a trip and I missed the exit and happened to freak out a bit. My fellow adventurer said, “Well the worst thing that happens is we turn around.” That attitude was the adventure.

Here are just three of my favorite adventure planning tips and apps!

  1. Find fun along the way
    It is so easy to save all of your planning for your destination, but you are missing half the fun! Find photo-ops and cool museums to visit along the way! There is a great app to help you find whatever little adventures  you may be interested in while en route to your destination – Roadtrippers. This app helps you do a detailed search for what may interest you along your way, and it’s free!
  2. Organize, organize, organize, share
    There is an amazing app, TripRider, that helps you organize, plan, budget, document, and share your adventures. You are able to do so much with this app! It allows you to store your maps, in case you run out of cell service. It came in very handy a few years ago when I was without service for about 2 days in Montana! You can also upload your tickets, hotel reservations, budget, packing list. You are also able to store photos and thoughts from the trip and share it to social media straight from the app. If you need it on a trip, this app has it. It’s $4.99 but it has been worth every penny for me!
  3. Don’t be afraid to be off plan
    Yes, you have planned for fun at your destination. You have planned for fun along the way. What happens if your plans fall through or something else comes up? Choosing to accept changes that come is a bit part of the adventure. One of my favorite road trip memories is stopping at the Jello Museum just because we saw a billboard! No agenda, just a decision to accept that opportunity. Of course, we would have never been able to take that opportunity if we hadn’t made a plan take that trip in the first place. There is a balance in planning for adventure. You have to be able to plan for the best but also be flexible for whatever happens.

I hope you know that if you take a wrong turn, you can simply turn around.I hope you are able enjoy your life while it is happening. I hope you know how to plan for adventure and how to let go so adventure can  find you.



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