“The Purpose of life is to live it, to taste the experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for the newer, richer experience.”  -Eleanor Roosevelt

IMG_0571-0 I have always loved to write. Good, bad, and ugly – I believe that we all have important stories to tell. I’ve been writing everything from short stories to plays since I was eleven years old, and I have been blogging since 2002 on different networks. My goal is to inspire people to live out extraordinary adventures in simple ways.

Equal to my love of writing is my love of reading. Reading can captivate and inspire people. Books may have prices but the purpose they serve, lessons they teach, and even worlds they allow us to live in are invaluable. I am amazed by the vulnerability that people pour into their writing. This vulnerability is why books, articles, and quotes can meet us at our core.

I was born in Oklahoma and grew up traveling the United States. After jumping around to a few states, I currently reside in Tennessee. I love to travel, bake, binge watch Netflix, and drink copious amounts of coffee. I am a dreamer and a wanderer. I do my best to work hard and accomplish those dreams. I believe that life can be lived to the fullest, even in small ways.

Adventure is in everyday life – and it’s our job to find it.



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